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Cold Foil Systems

Sterling Toggle Foiltone

Print Inline Metallic Effects

Cold Foil is a fast growing technology that allows printers to apply foil onto a substrate inline on offset sheet-fed and web flexo printing presses.

This inline process is a new technology that allows you to apply metallic foil and print over it at press speed. This gives you the ability to lay down foil and print over it to produce brilliant metallic effects with an infinite spectrum of colors. With the huge advances in foils you can print fine lines, reverse outs, half tones and full tones, all in accurate register.

This process is performed at press speeds with litho registration. Our make-ready process does not change when using standard printing plates to apply UV inks.

Inline Process

This process involves using rolls of cold foil that are applied to a substrate using an adhesive ink.

The effect of over printing lends itself to be the first process on the press giving you the most flexability in creating special effects. In most cases the ink based adhesive is applied to the first print station. The second print station is where the Sterling Toggle System is mounted. The nip occurs at the second station allowing foil to transfer onto the substrate where the adhesive is present.

Conventional or UV adhesives can be used with a standard litho plate. Your existing UV light can be used to cure the adhesive. This is all performed at print speed and in litho register.

Machinery Fabrication

These machines are designed and manufactured in the USA. We design, manufacture, engineer and assemble machines in our modern factory. We use the latest Siemens technology and motion control systems. Our systems work with Komori, Heidelberg, KBA, Mitsubishi and Man Roland Printing Presses as well as flexo presses.

New Printing Technology

Metallic Effects are created by applying a silver foil on the substrate and printing over it. It can be applied in spot or flood applications.

Rolls of foil are normally purchased in the color silver. The silver foil allows printers to create every metallic color imaginable by over printing the foil. The system supports a foil roll up to 15,000 meters.

Motion Control Our systems use the latest Siemens Motion Control technology to provide perfect speed and tension control. This is important in maintaining film quality. The film has a longer reusable life when it is not stretched.

Check out the Benefits

  • Inline metallic effects
  • Full or spot applications
  • Eliminates need for costly non-recyclable foil-boards
  • Sales and marketing opportunities
  • Single pass processing
  • Litho registration
  • No additional tool or die costs

Cold Foil Path

The image below illustrates the process of how the metallic effect is transferred onto a substrate.

Adhesive is applied to the substrate in prior tower. As the substrate and foil pass through the nip point, the foil is transferred onto the substrate with an ink based adhesive.

Illustration of Cold Foil Path through a print station