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Heat Chases

Our heaters are designed to help make the press operator's job easy.  We have studied heat loss associated with each style press and have designed our heaters with additional wattage where needed.  This provides the press operator with uniform thermal distribution, so that quality foil stamping can be accomplished.  Our heaters are available for most presses.

The heater is divided into separate zones.  The amount of zones in each heater is determined by the press size and the type of work being done.  All heaters are made in the USA and are thoroughly tested before leaving the factory.  Each heater requires a temperature controller to set and monitor the temperature.  

Bed Heaters are used when the press was originally designed for foil stamping or hot embossing.  Bed heaters can be found in clamshell presses, cylinder presses and platen presses.  Bed heaters provide heat to the back of the honeycomb and is the best choice if the space is available.  The press operator only needs to remove the honeycomb from the press, as the bed heater is located behind the honeycomb.

Honeycomb Heaters are used on large style platen diecutting presses, when the press was not originally equipped with heat.  Honeycomb heaters expand the capability of the press by providing the ability to hot emboss and foil stamp.  Our honeycomb heaters provide quick hands electrical connect and disconnect.  This is a time saving feature as that the press operator does not have to manually plug and unplug the electrical connections.  Honeycomb heaters require Sterling Toggle Hooks to mount dies.

Bunter Heaters are used on clamshell and cylinder presses that were not originally designed to do foil stamping or hot embossing.  Bunter heaters can be equipped with a removeable front plate.  This is a time saving feature that allows the press operator to leave the heater and electrical connections intact.  The press operator simply removes the front plate from the heater so that dies can be mounted off press.  Bunter Heaters require bunter posts to mount dies.  

Available for all presses:

Bobst | Brausse | C&P | Franklin 
Gietz | Heidelberg | Iijima | Kensol 
Kluge | MK| Nikko | Sanwa 
Saroglia | SBL | Sugano | Tahara
Thomson | Young Shin