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Honeycomb Chases

The Sterling Toggle honeycomb plate mounting system is the industry standard for locking foil stamping and embossing dies.  Press operators around the world appreciate the ease and convenience of our system.  Simply place a die on the honeycomb chase, insert toggle hooks along the perimeter of the dies and lock in place.  Hairline adjustments are easily accomplished by loosening one toggle hook and tightening a toggle hook on the opposite side.

Years of painstaking research and engineering was required to develop the Sterling Toggle plate mounting system.  Our honeycomb chases are stress relieved, and precision ground to exacting tolerances.  Our honeycombs are made in the USA in our factory in West Babylon, NY.  Our honeycomb chases are available in steel and light weight aluminum.  

 Cold Emboss with a Sterling Toggle Aluminum Honeycomb Base

Increase your profits and cold emboss on your diecut press with a Sterling Toggle aluminum honeycomb base.  Our aluminum honeycomb base locks into the chase just like a steel rule.  The cost of an aluminum honeycomb base is considerably lower than a steel honeycomb chase assembly.


Available for all presses:

Bobst | Brausse | C&P | Franklin 
Gietz | Heidelberg | Iijima | Kensol 
Kluge | MK| Nikko | Sanwa 
Saroglia | SBL | Sugano | Tahara
Thomson | Young Shin