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Stamping and Cutting Plates

Stamping and Cutting Plates

Cutting and Stamping Plates
Our plates are manufactured from high quality steel, heat treated, tempered and ground to ensure long life.
Chase Back Plates

Replace your worn Chase Back Plates. Our plates are manufactured from hardened steel to allow for long life.

Thin Plates
Save your make ready for repeat jobs.  These plates are manufactured from 1mm stainless steel.  They are sold in quantities of ten

Stainless Plates
Stainless steel plates are used as protection plates, thin plates and shim plates.  We stock the following thicknesses:  .036”, .059”, .075”, .090”. 

Available for all presses:

Bobst | Brausse | C&P | Franklin 
Gietz | Heidelberg | Iijima | Kensol 
Kluge | MK| Nikko | Sanwa 
Saroglia | SBL | Sugano | Tahara
Thomson | Young Shin


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