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Foil Drive Systems

Foil Drive Systems

Sterling Toggle Foil Drive Systems allow our customers to increase their profits by adding the capability of foil stamping to their existing press. We sell two types of foil drive systems. Our mechanical foil drive system is used on small clamshell style presses and is an affordable way to convert the press to a foil stamper.  Our motion control foil drive system is a more advanced system and is used on large style presses. Both foil systems are engineered for long life and are manufactured with the finest materials.

Mechanical Foil Drive System

Our Mechanical Foil Drive System is designed to convert your existing clamshell style letterpress to a dedicated foil stamper.  Once the ink rollers are removed, and the foil system installed it is not feasible to reinstall the ink rollers. This would be a time consuming task that would take a mechanic many hours to perform.  

The installation of the mechanical foil drive system usually takes two to four hours depending upon the press type and the skill of the mechanic.  We utilize factory existing holes so that there is no need to drill additional holes to mount the unit.  

Once our foil system is installed, the operations of foil stamping, embossing and thermal die cutting can be switched with ease and speed.  The length of the foil pull is adjusted with a mechanical clutch.  The unit offers a large foil capacity,  which results in high production rates and minimal down time wasted changing rolls of foil.  Multiple rolls of foil can be pulled and up to three varying colors can be run simultaneously.   


Motion Control Foil Drive System

Our Motion Control Foil Drive System is designed to be used on large clamshell and diecutting presses. It incorporates bell curve technology to insure smooth advances of foil. The system consists of a user friendly touch screen, servo motors and proprietary software to insure a flawless operation.   

The operator panel consists of a touch screen with an emergency stop. The operator can enter short and long pulls with repeat values for each pull. The press operator can make changes to the program on the fly without stopping the press. This cuts down on wasted foil. The operator panel can be mounted directly onto the press with a swivel arm or it can be installed on a floor mounted console. 

On platen diecutting presses, foil racks are mounted in the stripping section of the press. The foil rack is ergonomically designed to allow the operator easy access to the necessary components. It supports the unwind and rewind rolls of foil. Our motion control foil drive system can be configured with many different options depending upon the needs of the customer. 


  • Simple touch screen control
  • Control up to 3 axes, each drive is independently controlled
  • Enter multiple short and long pulls
  • Smooth acceleration and deceleration of foil pulls
  • Adjust pulls while press is running to eliminate wasted foil
  • Adjustable air blast system
  • Metric or imperial
  • Easy to use


Hologram Attachment
Allows the press to register holograms using a hologram register mark sensor.

Shim Detector
Detects shim lines in foil patterns so that it never shows up on your product. The shim register mark sensor is used to detect the small gap at the seam and make the first stamping adjacent to it. The software calculates how many stampings will fit between the seam lines. After stamping that number, it will skip over the seam and repeat the process.

Removable Foil Racks
Allow for a quick change over from foil stamping to diecutting. The foil rack easily slides out of the rear of the press so that the stripping section can be used.

Available for all presses:

Bobst | Brausse | C&P 
Gietz | Heidelberg | Iijima 
Kluge | MK| Nikko | Sanwa 
Saroglia | SBL | Sugano | Tahara

Thomson | Young Shin


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